About Me

While my comments and blog are not that of my Company, I’m the Chief Executive Officer of Proudfoot, a publicly traded global consulting firm on the LSE. I’m charged with the growth of Proudfoot – a 70-year-old brand known for its strength in delivering real results for our clients, through their people. I call us a 70 year old start-up. We’re filled with the energy of a new company and the credentials of a blue-chip consulting firm.

​When I joined Proudfoot in 1987, we were already a global operations consulting firm. My first assignment was a copper mine in far north western Queensland, Australia. Our role was to help the senior team enable front line supervisors to better manage their business, through harnessing the power of their people. Ultimately, to achieve better results.

​Proudfoot has been making change like this happen within organizations since 1946. and we remain focused on this same goal today; harnessing the power of people. ​Because, after all,… technology, products, services, systems, processes…they are all powered by people. Today we have an even deeper commitment – ensuring we enable the capability development of the client teams we work with, leaving them to do what we do, next time. Enabling them to continue to transform their business.

My first assignment in Mount Isa Mines saw me roll up my sleeves, put on my safety boots, and delivered my first project, through people. 30 years later, I continue to advocate that real transformation comes from powering up your people. I also continue to throw on my safety boots and hard hat and work with clients and our project teams across the globe.

Most of all, I believe…when change hits, grab on tight, make it work for you, you never know where it will take you!

My mantra: keep one foot in the present and one foot in the future, and be as bloody brilliant as you can be, in what you choose to do. And with the resources you have, make it work!

May you wrestle chaos and win!